Declutter & Organizing

Declutter & Organizing; base rate starts at $40 per hour with a Two-Hour Minimum. Please contact us to arrange for a 

Free On-Site Assessment.

Complimentary Services

Free On-Site Assessment; Shopping for Organizational Materials & Supplies; Removal of Donation Bags.

Wardrobe Consulting

Wardrobe Consulting is $75 per Hour with a One-Hour Minimum.

Gift Certificates

For the person who has everthing.......

We offer a variety of Gift Certificates 

and All Inclusive Packages.

Please Note

Regrettably, we are unable to give estimates. Every project gernerally has too many variables in order to give a fair and accurate estimate. The time it will take to finish depends on many variables, such as the overall amount of clutter, the amount of open space available for sorting and staging, your personal attachment to various items, and your personal abiity to make quick decisions.


Please ask about our Specials for additonal savings.

Making Time for What Really Matters

Achievable & Rewarding

Often times our lives are so busy it is often a challenge to maitain our spaces the way we would like. Over time, the clutter and disorganization builds, and reorganizing it becomes a daunting and overwhelming task to undertake alone. Having an experienced organizer step in and help facilitate the porocess makes the task achievable and rewarding.

Increased Productivity

Organization can play a transformative role in people's lives as to how they feel about themselves and their environment; and increased productivity through de-cluttering and organizing.

Create More Time

It is our goal to help facilitate our clients in having a well-organized and balanced space, providing them with a sense of calm that will carry over into other areas of their life. It is organization that is key to making time for what really matters most in your life. Let us help you create more time in you life today, with our decluttering and organizing services.