THE RIPPLE EFFECT... One Small Change Can Have a Huge Impact

My name is Amy and I am the proud owner of IDEAL ARRANGEMENTZ; Professional Organanizing & Styling Services. I founded this company beacuse I am passionate about helping others and working with people to accomplish positive changes.

I have been organizing since I was a child; throughout my professional careers, and for friends and family for as long as I can remember. I have come to realize over the years that the skill of organization is a strength of mine and my eye for design and style come naturally. To this day, I continue to find gratification in finding order in chaos and a great personal satisfaction in restoration; be it projects or lifestyles.

I thoroughly enjoy working with people to help them achieve their goals. I realize that a considerable component of how we feel and function in our lives directly relates to our surroundings and environment. When we are surrounded by clutter, disorganization and chaos, it leads to stress, anxiety, and the inablility to function to our full potential.

I believe it is with my combination of people and organizational skills, that I can help transform your space into a more relaxed, comfortable and productive environment. It is when our environment is organized and in harmony, that many times this harmoney extends to other areas of our lives. The result is then increased productivity, tranquility, and peace of mind.

In addition to my natural talent in efficient organizing and styling; it is with my artistic nature, diverse background and my extensive travels; that give me a wealth of experience and knowledge; in providing the most innovative and creative organizing and styling services with a compassionate heart.

Clients Take Notice

Clients have made note of my calming demeanor, patience, non-judgemental approach, and keen eye for maximizing the potential of a space; making tackling messes logical, easy and even therapeutic.

Diverse Background

Originally from the San Juan Islands, a premier tourist destination located in the Pacific Northwest; I was fortunate to be enticed by the arts that come from an island community. Over the years, I have come to have a diverse background in the arts with various trades, ranging from the Healing Arts to Furniture & Yacht Restoration and Professional Yachting.

Travels Being the Fabric for Design

I have been fortunate to have extensive travels through my years; that I believe has expanded upon my creativity, in being more creative and is the seed for my eclectic style. My travels include many of the states including California, New York, Rhode Island, Florida,  Hawaii, and Peurto Rico. And, to name a few of the countries that have helped lay much of the fabric for my design include: Canada, Europe, Mexico, Bahamas, Caribbean, Turks & Caicos and the Virgin Islands.  

It is my love for travel that began at age sixteen, with my studies abroad in Germany. This experience afforded me the opportuity to see new places and lifestyles, which continues to fuel my desire for travel today.  

It is with my world travels that continually provide depth and feed the creativity for my designs, today.

Background in the Arts

My background in the Arts includes, in particular the Healing Arts as a Nationally Certified and Licensed Massage Therapist and Bodyworker since 2005; a profession that continually rewards me with the benefits of helping others. I also have an extensive background in the art of Brightwork; Yacht Detailing and Restoration, with over 17 years of restoring and maintaining yachts to their glory days. This has been most beneficial, in that my keen eye for detail has been most refined.

Extreme Organizational Skills

In most recent years, I took my skills to the high seas; working on Private Luxury Yachts, as Chief Stewardess, among other titles. With the extreme organizational skills and keen eye for detail needed in providing five star service aboard the yachts; I have found this to fit my meticulous nature, quite well. 

In addition, my work as a Chief Stewardess on the luxury yachts has also extended to land; with operations for an affluent family with three young children and estate staff on a Long lsland estate in New York. This has provided for me the opportunity on a larger scale; to organize and implement systems for the family and staff, in helping to streamline their daily activities and run operations most efficiently.